Response to Advanced Onset Calvinsim

In Apologetics on August 6, 2016 at 3:16 pm

Recently read this article:
Approximately 1 out of every 4 Christians will encounter adult onset Calvinism (commonly known as AOC) during their life, either personally or in someone close to them. It can be a scary thing to encounter, especially if you’re not familiar with the symptoms. The person you once knew and loved is suddenly a completely different person.
Don’t panic.
DN-No need for panic the cure is what you are dealing with not the symptom.
It gets better.
DN-Correct though careful study and prayer start with the 5 Solas
To help you navigate the treacherous waters of AOC, I’ve listed the possible symptoms you may encounter.
• A sudden urge to correct everything and everyone all the time about every possible thing.
DN- that is the cage stage of the cure find a brother who is reformed, he will help you through the excitement of finally finding the truth.
• A growing conviction that every worship song you’ve ever sung is heretical and should be excised from the church catalog, including the Nicene Creed, Doxology, and most of the Psalms.
DN- This would be over reaction that turns into Hyper-Calvinism slows ruins the cure too much of a good thing.
• A strange and inexplicable ability to listen to 300 John Piper sermons in a single day.
DN- And add RC Sproul, James White, Alistair Begg, John MacAuther and the like.
• A burning passion to convert everyone, especially your extremely godly parents WHO TAUGHT YOU THE BIBLE, to Calvinism.
DN- The symptoms you describe are usually in response to “Who So Ever” “My Free Will” “Robots” just to be clear your parents are still Godly just wrong in tradition. In respect we illustrate the truth in Scripture and it confronts tradition.
• A growing level of arrogance that is directly inverse to the number of blog posts you write about humility.
DN- Arrogance is a sign that everyone needs more Holy Spirit and Scripture. It’s not just those of the reformed view but Armenians as well.
• Constant cravings for cigars and microbrews, even though they make you incredibly sick.
DN- This is actually evidence of a need to prove you’re a hipster and it’s not limited to Calvinists mostly 30 somethings that feel they need to prove something.
• Deep suspicion of anything that might cause the slightest bit of emotion in church, especially those awful worship songs noted above.
DN- This is more symptom not cure I’ve been to many SBC, Non-Denominational gatherings that should have had a casket not an altar.
• Deep-seated cynicism toward anyone who doesn’t take a hard stance on an issue, including but not limited to: free will, Calvinism, sports, coffee, the Trinity, capitalism, child schooling, and dating.
DN- I am a natural cynic Reformed or not, but not standing on the Trinity is denying the very nature and essence of Christianity the others not limited to reformed gatherings. This one should be big and defended, without it you get the modern church, “forget the doctrines that divide us we just want the words of Jesus” “Love Wins” that sort of ilk.
• Being so smug you begin to panic that you won’t be able to adequately manifest all the smugness.
DN- This illustrates the arrogance in everyone including those synergists who hold their smugness as bag of freewill honor claiming that God needed their corporation in achieving His purpose.
• An unshakeable conviction that Tim Keller is too theologically soft.
DN- Much like Steve Gaines at Bellevue for Semi-plagians, Armenians.
• The ability to bring every conversation full circle to Romans 9.
DN- Actually Romans 8 and 9, and still waiting for a full exigent from any Arminian that doesn’t wonder all over Scripture running references and spouting philosophical rhetoric.
• Frustration that guys like Piper and Sproul don’t draw more lines in the sand.
DN- Love Sproul, Piper, White, MacArthur, etc. no need for lines in the sand and far from frustrated.
• Inevitably arriving at the conclusion that John Calvin was not that strong of a Calvinist. At least, not as strong as you are.
DN- Sounds more like the crew at Biola and the William Lane Craig crowd.
• Growing a beard, but not in a hipster way! This beard is WAY DIFFERENT from hipster beards, because it tapers to a point somewhere between the nipples, just like Calvin’s beard did.
DN- I believe Jacob Arminius had the same beard just saying. The collar kept it shorter a newer fashion statement.
If you or someone you know begins experiencing these symptoms, go to a pastor IMMEDIATELY. It won’t make the slightest bit of difference, because you were predestined to be a Calvinist, but still, you should probably see a pastor.
DN- Please by all means seek out someone who read the books from the John 3:16 conference, and quotes a book about Calvinism versus actually studying the view. First question you must ask, “Have you actually read The Institutes of the Christian Religion?” Second question “Can you define the 5 Solas?” last question “If not can you direct me to someone who actually has so I can talk to them?”
But don’t worry. After 5-6 years, these symptoms will subside and you or your loved one will return to being a mostly normal person.
DN- If by normal you mean returning to the emotional turmoil of seeing people, quote a “sinners prayer” at the altar, baptized and receiving their get of hell free card, I hope not for the sake of the Gospel.
Until then…sorry.

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