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In Apologetics on December 8, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Theology is the study of God.
Religion is the study of types of human behavior.
In Exodus 32:17ff, we read of men who had theology, but it was a corrupt one that led them to worship the creature rather than the Creator.
a. Man’s most basic sin is idolatry.
b. Even the Christian religion can become idolatrous if we place at the center
of our worship something other than God Himself.
Theology is life because theology is the knowledge of God. The Reformers believed that with the proclamation of justification by faith alone they were recovering the evangel. Protestants used the word evangelical to say that they embraced Martin Luther.

Sola Scriptura Literally Means “By Scripture Alone”
One question dealt with by the doctrine of sola Scriptura relates to the sources of divine revelation, of which there are at least two:
i. Nature: general revelation
ii. The Bible: special revelation

Sola Scriptura Also Deals with Questions of Conscience and Controversies
a. Scripture is the only authority that can bind the conscience.
Since Scripture is the Word of God, it is infallible and inerrant. Infallible means in the sense of Scripture that it cannot “err.” Inerrant means in the sense of Scripture it does not “err.” So the Scripture is infallible to God’s will, and inerrant to his purpose!
Sola Scriptura Involves a Hermeneutical Principle
a. The Reformers taught the concept of private interpretation—the view that every Christian has the right and responsibility to read and interpret the Bible for himself or herself.
b. This concept of private interpretation was based on the principle of the perspicuity of Scripture, which means that the basic message of Scripture is plain for any person to see it. This same understanding also means we do not have the right to misinterpret the Bible. With the right of interpretation comes the responsibility handling the Bible carefully and accurately.

The Doctrine of Sola Fide was the Central Controversy of the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers were answering the question of how a person may be found just in the sight of God. Martin Luther said the doctrine of sola fide is the article upon which the church stands or falls. John Calvin said sola fide is the hinge upon which everything else in the Christian life turns. When God offers forgiveness, He doesn’t just wink at our sin, thereby compromising His holy character. What man needs is to be justified, and it is God who does the justifying. Sola fide is a relatively easy doctrine to grasp with the mind, but it is much more difficult to get the doctrine from the head into the heart. Romans 3:26—God is both just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus.

Some questions:
What is man’s most basic sin?
What are some ways Christian worship can and has become idolatrous?
Are you Evangelical?
Why did the Reformers believe it vital to emphasize Scripture alone as the source of special revelation?
How Can an Unjust Person Survive the Final Judgment of a Just and Holy God?
The fundamental question is this: On the basis of whose righteous does God declare anyone just?
Why can God not simply declare everyone forgiven?

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