Why do Bad things happen to Good People?

In Apologetics on August 14, 2011 at 7:48 am

The question isn’t why do bad things happen to good people. If we truly believe that we are fallen creatures, rebel sinners, slaves to sin, unworthy before a Loving Father, a resurrected Son and a comforting Spirit. Then the real question should be why do “GOOD” things happen at all. If rain falls on the just and the unjust, if salvation is truly a gift from our triune God, then our questions should come framed from a proper perspective of how truly gracious grace is! God’s common grace allows us to exist in a fashion of peace and safety that otherwise would look like a post-apocalyptic scene from some sci-fi movie. Or worse yet a real scene from the Sudan, or other areas where being a Christian can cost your life. Being a believer one who is truly transformed from light to dark changes our reference points now the thought “he who dies with the most toys wins” reveals the idolatry in that kind of living and thinking. The believer is confronted with the cost of the cross, my own sin! I,Me,My, Mine four words that spell decline-Pride will get you every time I,Me,My,Mine! In the lament of the why questions, God reveals how he exists. The Father loves, the Son enables, and the Spirit applies. The Father decrees that all men should repent, the Son is the propitiation, and the Holy Spirit weighs the hearts of men. In thinking on the idea that bad things happen to good people- the thought structure is opposed to the grace of God! He trusts us with suffering, and enables us with faith! If as fallen creatures we don’t deserve redemption how much less do we deserve and demand a blessing? This makes Grace all the more gracious, makes any blessing all the more a gift to be cherished, and our status as the adopted sons of the Father, brother and sisters to the Son, and a temple of dwelling to the Holy Spirit all the more precious. In those terrible times of doubt, confusion, discomfort we have a Trinity to surround us while we pray by the Spirit, through the Son to the Father! The enemy will be shouting, yelling, accusing and all the while our Triune God is gently, quietly calling and speaking! The Fathers love, the son’s embrace and the Spirit’s enabling us to exercise our gift of faith by trusting and obeying.


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