Merry Christmas is it against the Law?

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Seems every Christmas season we hear about those who want to eliminate Christ from Christmas. Hiding behind the disguise of offense and tolerance we are told that Christmas and the Christian celebration is offensive and intolerable. We are being told to wish everyone “Happy Holidays” for the benefit of those who do not celebrate Christmas. Religious displays of the Nativity are being outlawed from public view and this is done under the disguise of governmental approval of religion. I would suspect most of us sit back and marvel at the stupidity and ridiculous behavior of those opposed to something as very basic to our culture as Americans, founded upon the inalienable rights afforded by our Creator. The language of the founding fathers was very explicit in naming the Judeo Christian God as our Creator. The same language of our founding fathers prevented government from appointing state religions and also intended the freedom and free exercise of religion. The language of today’s modern court system in denying such basic rights guaranteed by our Constitution as the free exercise of religion seems in total contradiction of the Constitution.

What kind of response should churches and Christians offer to those who consistently oppose the Christian message and most especially Christmas itself?

How can we oppose those who oppose us and maintain our command “to love our neighbor as ourselves” and “to love our enemies” in the tradition of Christianity?

The founding of our country and the very concept of religious freedom were taken from Holy Scripture and weaved into the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. How do we separate being responsible followers of Christ and proud patriotic Americans?

Far too often we have allowed the joining of Christianity and patriotism to the detriment of Christianity. As a follower of Christ I am responsible for my citizenship in his kingdom. As an American I am taught to be patriotic and law-abiding following the Constitution and its directives. If we make the mistake most often seen in our society we confuse being a good American qualifying us as a good Christian. In being a Christian my citizenship in the kingdom of God is obtained by surrendering my life to Jesus Christ. Being born in America automatically makes me a citizen though not necessarily patriotic. I learned patriotism from those who love our country and the freedoms we enjoy. I become a Christian because I had failed to follow God’s law and repented allowing Jesus to be my sovereign God. In a society like America we have determined to allow other beliefs and even non believers to enjoy the rights and privileges of citizenship. As Christians in America we have been careful to make sure through the Constitution to allow those who have different beliefs to coexist together. It seems those who have benefited from the freedoms designated by the founding fathers are the very ones who are opposed to those same freedoms when they disagree with the message. Speaking as an American citizen I support and defend the rights of those to express their disagreement with my point of view. I support the concept of free speech even speech that I am opposed to! The real question comes into view where is their support of my free speech when it is offensive to them? Typically in our society we form a consensus of accepted and unaccepted behavior and it is enforced to our system of laws. Since the founding of our country the accepted behavior for Christmas celebration until recently has been displaying religious symbols in the public square for viewing purposes. For those who did not celebrate this religious occasion or believed in it they typically tolerated it because of the freedoms that were guaranteed in the Constitution. Also those who disagree typically with the celebration did not participate but would find it offensive to stop those who do from celebrating. The thinking was if I tolerate this behavior they will tolerate my behavior. The truly sad part of this commentary is the loss of true tolerance. Until recently tolerance was seen as putting up with something I personally disagree with. The mitigating factor that moved tolerance to intolerance was violation of our basic constitutional principles. At some point some behaviors become as heinous as to be intolerable that would typically included racism, fascism, communism, and socialism. These behaviors circumvent the basic constitutional rights we as a self-governing people have established to protect our culture and our society. As a Christian I have made the decision before it becomes illegal in the public square to be public about my faith! I’m making a statement about my faith not to be reactionary or inflammatory but obedient to the faith as I understand it. Those who claim Christ in the public square must also understand that if it becomes illegal we will become lawbreakers and suffer the consequence for that behavior. Jesus never promised to keep us from the consequence of the expression of our faith and more importantly warned us of the impending persecution that awaits us. God has prescribed through his word that we follow the laws of the land, those laws prescribe punishment for social disobedience. As an American citizen I will oppose those who limit my freedom of religion and expression thereof. As a Christian I will temper my arguments to be obedient to Christ yet I will disagree with those who oppose my Christian faith. We’re told the gospel is an offense to those who don’t believe we are also not to add offense to it. There is a fine line in defending our freedom and protecting our faith. Our faith and obedience to Jesus the Christ should always supersede, overrule and determine our response. Remember we are promised in Scripture if we live according to the principles Christ demanded from us, when we are accused there should be a lack of evidence to condemn us in regards to the faith.

Being an American in today’s society is truly a difficult task, being loyal, being patriotic, and being a productive law-abiding citizen is passé. Compounding the difficulty is the issue of Christianity; remember if America fails Christianity didn’t! If this experiment in self governance fails I believe it is because we compromised the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers asked for God’s blessing on our nation and rightly so. As a Christian I know that God will not bless disobedience. Once again God does not fail if America does, but America failed God if it falls.

As the close of 2010 nears, Merry Christmas may God bless and keep you!



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