What if this happened in your church?

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Imagine for a moment with me the following events occurred some Sunday morning in your church. The family is all dressed up ready to celebrate their faith and hopefully learn more about God. In order for this scenario to make sense I need to set up a series of fictitious events based on true events currently in the news.

Item 1: The ninth circuit court of appeals in California is reviewing proposition 8 on “gay marriage” and could possibly overturn the decision people voted on and approved. After overturning the people’s votes the issue is moved to the Supreme Court for consideration. With the recent appointment of a new justice on the court and the approval of the progressives (liberals) the court is not balanced or conservative. In view of a more progressive (liberal) concept of marriage, the court recognizes same-sex marriage and makes it the law of the land.

Item 2: The gay-rights activists (GLAD) are able based on the Supreme Court’s ruling to advance the gay-rights agenda. The first item up for revision is the military’s “don’t ask don’t tell policy.” A court over turned this Clinton era policy just recently. The agenda includes the concept that gay-rights deserve the same recognition as civil rights thereby changing laws that oppose their agenda. Within this agenda an exemption for churches and faith-based organizations that oppose homosexuality is removed. Hiring standards are now revised to include churches and other faith-based organizations such as: Christian universities, Christian seminaries, Christian orphanages, and Christian mission agencies. These organizations will be required to hire to prescribed quotas that include Gay lesbian, transgender, and homosexuals.

Item 3: Hate crimes legislation is expanded to include “hate speech” that allows for prosecution on both a misdemeanor and a felony level. Hate speech is given a new definition that spells out what is correct and acceptable language in regards to homosexual issues. Any speech that does not meet this level of political correctness (cultural Marxism) will be defined as hate speech. Churches, pastors, professors, deacons, Sunday school teachers and ultimately church members will by definition be in violation of hate speech standards based on current conservative Biblical doctrine.


Back to Sunday morning with our families in our houses of worship preparing to glorify God, imagine for a moment your peace and serenity is suddenly halted. Invading your sanctuary and houses of worship are government officials followed by local police authorities and local GLAD activists. The service is stopped by a representative probably from The Department of Justice, The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, The Local Prosecutor’s Office, and finally local law enforcement. They move to the front of the auditorium step behind the pulpit and began based on legal precedent to accuse everyone there of being in violation of local hate crime laws. The first order of business is to arrest the Pastor and the staff; they are accused of a felony violation of hate speech. Next they ask for either Elders or Deacons to come forward, placed under arrest they are accused of misdemeanor hate crimes. Finally Sunday school teachers and the congregation are given tickets indicating misdemeanor violation of hate speech. An attorney that has accompanied the activists now moves to the microphone, in a solemn act all of the members and staff are now served by the Sheriff with legal writs indicating their inclusion in a lawsuit accusing them of libel and defamation. The lawsuit has a dollar value of four times the total value of the church property as a potential settlement. Now the Sheriff and his deputies serve the rest of the congregation with legal writs including them in the same lawsuit and asking for potential damages. The attorney solemnly speaks to the crowd, “if the Pastor, staff and members will agree in principle and sign a proclamation declaring their support of homosexual marriage, gay rights and hire within 90 days a Gay lesbian, transgender, or homosexual all charges and lawsuits will be dismissed. And as a further condition the church will attend and support sensitivity training that includes gay lesbian, transgender, and homosexual issues from a gay perspective. Imagine if you will all of your current Bible translations being confiscated and replaced with a more sensitive and gender-neutral translation. Of course any reference to homosexuality must be removed in regards to its violation of hate speech. Any church literature that states its objection to homosexuality will be banned and confiscated. As long as the church maintains the standards of political correctness (cultural Marxism) and refrains from speaking against homosexual issues it is free to worship privately without fear of prosecution.”

I’m sure as an American we see this as is a far-fetched scenario that could never happen in our country. Unfortunately recent activities in several states point to this very behavior happening in localities and directed at people of faith who are specifically Christians. Recently in Canada several pastors were arrested for hate speech based on their preaching from the Bible in regards to homosexuality. They were released but the idea was to intimidate pastors from speaking Biblical truth. In New Mexico a photographer was arrested for refusing to photograph a ceremony for two homosexuals reciting their pledge based on her objection by reason of faith. Recently a young lady finishing her master’s degree in counseling was threatened with her degree if she refused to attend certain gay related events and sensitivity training because of her faith-based disagreement with same-sex marriage and counseling homosexuals for their behavior and lifestyle. There are numerous cases of individuals being arrested or threatened with lawsuits because of their objection to same-sex marriage and disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle. It is important to conservative Christians to maintain our orthodoxy regarding those who are not believers.  We have a greater purpose in our lives loving and caring about people regardless of the sin and reconciling them to Jesus Christ, while balancing our disagreement with sinful behavior. Condoning sinful behavior in pursuit of building relationships under the guise of witnessing about Jesus should not come into view. We are to be separate in our behavior, tell the truth in love, and provide examples of what true love looks like.


1. Are our churches ready to deal with social issues in a loving responsible Christian manner?

2. Most of the time churches are reactive instead of proactive, what kind of proactive strategy are our churches planning for a scenario like that listed above?

3. Churches have spent a great deal of money and effort on capital acquisition, buildings, property, if threatened with the loss of all buildings and property based on doctrine, how will churches respond?

4. If our pastors are arrested or threatened with major libelous lawsuits, what is the church’s position on support and protection?

5. Are we as members of a local congregation prepared to defend ourselves against the same actions directed toward us?

6. At the very least if churches are threatened with the loss of their tax-exempt status because of their support or disapproval of certain social issues how will they respond?

Hopefully this make-believe scenario never plays out in our churches. How prepared are we as Christians, Churches, Seminaries, and other Christian institutions to deal with this type of possible invasion of our faith. Unfortunately recent history reveals the church more willing to protect its assets than its doctrine. One of the best examples is Germany prior to the invasion of Poland. The fascists threatened the churches with retribution if they opposed Hitler and his Nazi party. According to the majority of historians over 80% of the guards at the concentration camps went to church on Sunday and killed Jews on Monday. The Catholic Church and its lack of support concerning European Jews and their persecution by the Nazi’s are well-documented. This happened less than 90 years ago and the church played a much larger role in daily life. Hopefully this exercise in fiction based on current events will cause some to be pro active in the arena of social issues and prepare for possible reactions from the government, the press, and the population at large.



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