Jesus is the answer, what are the questions?

In Apologetics on September 24, 2010 at 4:47 pm

If we are repenting what are we repenting from?
If this is an awakening what are we waking up to?
If there is counterfeit Christianity what does real Christianity look like?
If there is eternal life for the believer why do we live like this is the only life we have?
If speaking the truth becomes illegal what will we say?
Is being a Christian about what God does for you or through you?
How can Heaven get into us?
If we have the truth why aren’t we telling others about it?
If we have the Peace that passes understanding then why are we so worried?
If we believe that we have repented why do we treat forgiveness like we deserve it?
If Grace cost Christ everything why do we cheapen it?
If Jesus loves me so much why don’t I love Him more?
If we are afraid of the wrath to come and the final judgment why don’t we care about it?
If we are supposed to have life more abundantly then why are we missing so much of it?
Justification by faith what is the question?


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