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In Apologetics, Prayer, Satan, Sin on February 16, 2009 at 4:58 am

Response of samaritan women at the well with Jesus

*(1) first response automatic and of astoundishment/surprise (vs 9)

He caught her off gaurd. Definitely got her attention.

* (2a)second response – practical question, but showed lack of spiritual insight. They are speaking on two different levels – hers being primarily physical and practical and his being spiritual. He peaked her interest. She came to the well for physical nourishment, but was met with the opportunity for spiritual birth. She asked how. He offered a solution to her physical and spiritual needs, although she was not fully aware of it at the time. (vs 11)

*(2b) She questioned his authority and position. She was aware of the heritage of her community and the well and questioned his authority or ability to draw from the well with no tools and also to turn the well water into living water which the Jews often used as a term for spring water (John Wesley commentary). (vs 12)

*(3) Again, her interest was peaked. She was looking for someway to make life easier and to bring fulfillment. He had her full attention now. He switches the topic of conversation to her sin. (vs 15)

*(4) She is now confronted with the specifics of her lifestyle – having 5 previous husbands and currently being in a relationship with one who is not her husband. She admits the truth of what he has stated but then switches the topic to a point of public dispute so as possibly to avoid dealing with her sins. (vs 19-20)

*(5) She admits her belief in the prophecy of the coming Messiah, but seemingly does not realize it is Him to whom she has been speaking with. Again showing spiritual blindness until Christ revealed himself to her.

So many times we come to God with a physical problem and during prayer God reveals to us the spiritual root of the problem. This is exactly what I see going on during the conversation of the Samaritan women and Jesus. He asked her for a drink, but it was really her who needed to ask him for a drink. (Life is so ironic at times.)


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